Seattle dry eye treatment

Seattle Dry Eye Treatment

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Dry eyes can be the result of environmental circumstances, a problem with the quantity or quality of your tears, or some combination of these factors. Here at the ophthalmology practice of Dr. Sheldon Cowen, we provided medical relief with our Seattle dry eye treatment.

The amount of tears your eyes create is closely linked to whether or not your eyes have sufficient moisture. However, there is a particular balance in the composition of them, such that even if the volume is correct, you may still suffer the effects of dry eyes if that balance is off. When you come in for an appointment, a complete eye exam may also include tests that measure the quantity of your tears and determine their quality. You’ll know that you need to get attention for dry eyes if you experience one or more of the following symptoms: light sensitivity, eye redness, a burning or stinging sensation in your eyes, blurry vision, or discomfort when wearing your contact lenses. Outside influences that can play a role in your needing our Seattle dry eye treatment are exposure to smoke, the effects of wind, and dry indoor air, such as from artificial heat. Some of the more common options that are considered to address your dry eyes are topical medication in the form of eye drops, the medication called Lipiflow, punctal plugs, and even dietary adjustments. It’s also a very good idea to wear eyeglasses or sunglasses when you’re outdoors on windy days, avoid smoke if at all possible, and consider the use of humidifiers in your home.

If you think you might benefit from our Seattle dry eye treatment, then by all means contact our office right away and let us book a time for you to come in for an appointment to get an examination and evaluation.

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