Vision care in Seattle

Vision Care in Seattle

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What is PRK in Seattle

Wishing you could get your vision back its prime? Maybe you could never see all that great, anyway. Whichever the case, there’s a life-changing opportunity that’ll grant you what you’ve always wanted—crystal clear vision. No fuzziness, no blurring. Sound good? Take the first step toward that reality by reaching out to Dr. Sheldon Cowen. Meet with us soon and treat yourself to vision care in Seattle. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

What we offer isn’t a run-of-the-mill laser corrective surgery, either. Treat your eyes to the wonders of PRK surgery. Now, before you go running off to the nearest dictionary, looking up just what in the world that term means—we’ll help you clear up any doubts or confusion. Unlike LASIK, the PRK procedure doesn’t involve the corneal flap. Making it far safer than the more commonly known alternative. And safety is definitely an important consideration for any restorative surgery, especially one that deals with something as sensitive as the eyes. Not only is it safer, you always will experience only minimal discomfort after it’s over. Some of the symptoms might include: minor pain, itching, etc. If you’re still curious about getting more information about this procedure, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Sheldon Cowen. If you’re in dire need of first-rate vision care in Seattle, there’s no better place to visit. With that said, you should probably act quickly.

See? We have your back. Now all you have to do is take the first pivotal step toward a brand new you. A you that doesn’t need to squint or strain to see things. Now go ahead and reach out to Dr. Sheldon Cowen. Speak to our staff about scheduling an appointment with us for vision care in Seattle. Really couldn’t be easier. Well? Don’t dawdle any longer.

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